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The Octorot Supreme Eurorack module is just like the original Octorot, except it can handle full-scale/bipolar voltages! It takes 8 inputs (-10V to +10V, or audio signals) and passes them to 8 outputs. The 8 analog signals are then rotated around, clockwise or counter-clockwise, with the tick of a clock signal. Rotation direction can be controlled by the switch or with a 0-5V digital signal. The hold function will stop rotation and can be controlled by the switch or with a 0-5V digital signal. The rotation can be reset at any time with the push button or with a 0-5V digital signal. Manual control may be activated with the switch or with a 0-5V digital signal. The turn of the manual control knob will rotate the signals manually, or it can be controlled with CV input. This 8-channel signal router will allow you to create some wild sequence patterns! Also, it will allow you to easily reroute your audio signals!

  • Power Consumption:
    30mA on +12V

    5mA on -12V


    Width: 20HP


    Depth: 1.375"

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