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This 6HP Eurorack module is a fully analog quad envelope generator with a separate gate/trigger input for each of the four EGs. With no gate/trigger connected, each EG will cycle as an LFO. There is a toggle switch to change between gate and trigger mode. The LFOs cycle in gate mode, but will stop when set to trigger mode. The attack and release (rise and fall) times can be controlled with the knobs or CV inputs. There is a toggle switch to change between three ranges (Medium/Low/High). These wide ranges allow you to generate anything from super percussive slaps, to long drawn-out ambient shapes. The attack and release affect the four EGs equally, making this module perfect for your polyphonic setup!


Check out these video demos by Jee!


Low Range:

Attack (Rise) 300us - 400ms

Release (Fall) 300us - 400ms

LFO 1666Hz - 1.25Hz.


Medium Range:

Attack (Rise) 1.7ms - 3s

Release (Fall) 1.7ms - 3s

LFO 294Hz - 0.166Hz.


High Range:

Attack (Rise) 17ms - 30s

Release (Fall) 17ms - 30s

LFO 29.4Hz - 0.0166Hz.


* Timing is approximate, and can vary +/-10%.

  • Power Consumption:
    70mA on +12V

    50mA on -12V


    Width: 6HP


    Depth: 1.3"

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