SINE-256 LFO Eurorack Module

SINE-256 LFO Eurorack Module


This 6HP Eurorack module generates a 0-5V low frequency sinewave. The frequency is clock-controlled. Every 256 clock pulses will produce one sinewave cycle, controlled by external clock or internal with a knob. For example, clocked with a 256 Hz squarewave will produce a 1 Hz sinewave at the output. And clocked with a 1 Hz squarewave will produce a 4 min 15 sec sinewave cycle. The reset is controlled by external trigger or internal push button, which will restart the sinewave cycle. 

  • Power Consumption:
    30mA on +12V


    Width: 6HP


    Depth: 1.375"


    * knob color may vary

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