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Squarewave Oscillator Eurorack Module

Squarewave Oscillator Eurorack Module

This 6HP Eurorack module generates a squarewave. It provides a 10Vpp centered audio output ranging from 16.35 Hz to 4186.01 Hz (C0 - C8). The frequency is controlled with a knob and by CV input at 1V/Octave. There is a knob to control octave shifting, also with CV input 1V/Octave. The Gate input allows the user to turn the output on and off using a 0-5V digital signal. The Gate can be driven into audio rate to get some strange "FM type" effects. LED indicators show the level of both CV inputs and the Gate.

  • Power Consumption:
    30mA on +12V
    2mA on -12V


    Width: 6HP


    Depth: 1.375"

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