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Use this 2HP Eurorack module to test your Eurorack patch cables! Plug both ends of your cable in and if both LEDs light up, then the cable is good! One LED indicates the condition of the tip, while the other LED indicates the condition of the sleeve. There are many different ways a cable can be faulty. It could be that only the tip, or only the sleeve is disconnected, or both. It could be that the tip and sleeve are shorted together. Or there could be a combination of faults. For instance, the tip and sleeve of a broken cable could be disconnected on one end and shorted together on the other. Because of the large variety of ways your cable can break, the best way to use Testy is to test the cable going in both directions. First, insert both ends of the cable and view result, then swap the two connections and view result. If the LEDs do not BOTH light up in BOTH configurations, then the cable is bad.

  • Power Consumption:
    1mA on +12V


    Width: 2HP


    Depth: 0.8"

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