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This 12HP Eurorack module is a voltage-controlled digitally-controlled oscillator. It allows you to shape the wave with four parameters: Point 1, Ramp 1, Point 2, and Ramp 2. These controls will morph the wave through an endless variety of shapes. Point 1 and Ramp 1 allow you to select the starting point and the slope angle of the first half of the wave cycle, while Point 2 and Ramp 2 allow you to select the starting point and the slope angle of the second half of the wave cycle. These are also CV controllable. There are knobs to control the frequency and octave, as well as CV inputs (1V/oct). The frequency range is 16.35 Hz to 4186.01 Hz (C0 - C8). All CV inputs are 0-5V. The quantize switch will lock the Wave Morph to semi-tones for musical applications. Sync the Wave Morph up with any other oscillator using the sync input. While sync is turned on, the frequency and octave controls will offset the output frequency from the sync input frequency, with center position being normalized. With sync input and quantize turned on, the frequency control will allow you to offset the pitch by semi-tones to easily find those musical harmonics!


Check out this video demo by Dean at Electronisounds Audio!

  • Power Consumption:
    60mA on +12V

    20mA on -12V


    Width: 12HP


    Depth: 1.375"

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